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Wordle today | Your New York Times account now be linked Wordle statistics.


According to a recent notice from The New York Times .

The most annoying part of Wordle today—that analytics were not linked to your NYT account—has been remedied .

Your stats would instead reset once you played on a different computer or browser.

As long as you are in into your NYT account while your accounts are connected, your stats will be preserved regardless of the device you select to play on.

Unfortunately, the function wasn’t instantly activated after the announcement, and NYT just stated that it would be “soon.”

However, the Wordle today team at Mashable can now vouch for the feature’s availability. I connected my iOS account, so the statistics were gladly present when I opened Wordle today on my laptop.

That’s it, folks. You won’t have to endure the embarrassment of losing some of your Wordle today numbers and the bragging rights that come with them. Prosper, that’s all there is to it, excel!

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