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How to preserve a Wordle streak for use on several devices

Wordle enthusiasts will all attest to the significance of the streak. Your streaks are device-specific and don’t follow you anywhere, so they don’t accurately reflect how excellent (or horrible) a Wordle player you are. Fortunately, that is altering.

Thanks to Wordle’s owners, The New York Times, you may now sync your gaming statistics across devices. You only need a New York Times account, which you can establish for free if you don’t already have one.

The entire process may be completed before or after you try your hand at today’s Wordle solution and only takes a few minutes. How to sync your Wordle streak between devices is provided here.

wordle today | How to save a Wordle streak across devices

1. Head to the New York Times Wordle website(opens in new tab) on a device of your choice .

 2.wordle today | Play today’s game, or click the bar graph button in the top right corner

3. wordle today | You may link your stats by selecting the link icon next to your stats. Click the prominent Log in or Register Freely button.

4. wordle today | Observe the instructions displayed on the screen. You may either join up using an existing Google, Facebook, or Apple account, or you can start a brand-new profile. The final option just requires a password and an email address .


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5. wordle today | Your Wordle today stats will now be synced with your NYT profile.

and if you log in using  different device (or browser), you see that streak and metrics have  transferred.

Only today, July 13, has this function be to be made available, and not everyone seems to have access. For instance, I can sync Wordle today to my personal New York Times account on Chrome (Windows and Android), but not on Safari (iOS) or Microsoft Edge. or even on the iPhone using Chrome.

wordle today | So you’ll have to wait if the option isn’t available on the Wordle today  gadget of your choosing. Furthermore, we advise you to exercise patience because the synchronizing procedure is irreversible, and you don’t want to break your streak unintentionally.

wordle today | Although the rollout length is unknown, we are hopeful it won’t be too long.  The first statement  made yesterday afternoon, it shouldn’t take long  everyone to able  sync their numbers.

We offer some resources if you’re having trouble continuing your Wordle streak. You may continue that run with the assistance of our list of the top Wordle starts words and our collection of Marc McLaren’s indispensable Wordle advice.

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