Wordle today | What does The New York Times’ recent acquisition of Wordle imply for you?

The NYT purchased the popular word game Wordle, although it will initially remain free.

wordle today | Following the viral sensation’s sale to The New York Times . For a rumored seven-figure price, the buzz on Wordle today is (MONEY).

wordle today | The acquisition brings to an end a fantastic tale

. which the game sprang out of nowhere at the beginning of the year . And has since grown to have more than one million daily players .

It also signals a significant win for Josh Wardle, the project’s lone creator . who started out making it for his partner only to see it become viral over the past month on Twitter and other platforms.

wordle today | The New York Times will “be the guardians of the game moving forward,” according to Wordle, an engineer at Reddit, who announced the news on Twitter(opens in a new tab). He added that he  “thrilled” and that “this move feels very natural .

wordle today | Before announcing that “when the game moves to the NYT site it will be free to play for everyone .

I am working with them to make sure your victories and streaks will be preserved .

” he said, “I’ve long appreciated the approach to their games and the care with which they treat their players.”

wordle today | General manager of The New York Times Games, Jonathan Knight .

stated that Wordle had “caught our collective imagination, and brought us all a bit closer together.”

He said, “We are honored to help bring Josh Wardle’s beloved brainchild to more solvers in the coming months . We could not be happier to become the new home and proud guardians of this fantastic game.

wordle today | What does this mean for Wordle players?

The absence of commercials and the fact that Wordle may be played for free on a website are two factors in its popularity. It’s just a fun way to spend time every day; there isn’t any in-app purchasing, no app, and no attempt to make money from its participants. However, if you know how, you can play Wordle numerous times daily.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the announcement of the purchase was met with a barrage of criticism on Twitter, with many users appearing angry at the idea that the game would ultimately go behind a paywall or become inundated with advertisements.

wordle today | Does anyone here believe that the New York Times spent millions on this to keep it free? Read one tweet, while another said this was the “beginning of the end for Wordle“(opens in new tab). And there are other others like them.

But is that possible? First of all, it will continue to be free, according to both Wardle and The New York Times. The New York Times stated, “Wordle will remain free to play for new and current users, and its gameplay will not  altered.”

wordle today :-

It is unlikely that the NYT would place the article behind a paywall in the future. Still, the comment may indicate that it will be accessible when it moves but not specifically that it will be accessible indefinitely.

However, I believe it is more possible that the NYT will utilize Wordle to increase the number of members for other games with a paywall. According to the NYT’s statement, “The Times remains focused on being the mandatory subscription for every English-speaking individual wishing to comprehend and connect with the world. The New York Times Games are a crucial component of that plan.

Because of the payment, we may continue playing, which is undoubtedly a positive thing. Without the purchase, it might have  shut down regardless. On that front, we’ve compiled a list of the top Wordle start words and a few pointers to get you started with Wordle. We also have a list of the top Wordle alternatives if you’d want to try something else.

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