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You have six attempts or less to guess the Wordle.
The word list must contain each word you input. This list includes more than 10,000 words, but only 2,309 (at the time of writing) are responses to a particular question.

Those annoying yellow, green, and grey boxes have been a major social media trend in 2022.

Most people experience the following cycle after learning about the popular five-letter word game: they become irritated by the Tweets that include cryptic box emojis, discover a link to the game, and start using Wordle regularly. The Wordle rules are broke down here.

wordle today : The Rules of  Wordle Explained

Wordle challenges users to predict a five-letter word in six trials, as described when users first open the website. Naturally, each attempt must contain an accurate term.

Each correct estimate provides players with colour cues that indicate whether they are steering hot or cold, adding flavour and excitement to the mix.

Any of the letters may  up being used more than once, a secret rule (e.g. KNOLL).

After each attempt, each letter in the guess will either turn:

  • Green: it is in the word and in the correct spot
  • Yellow: it is in the word but not in the correct spot
  • Gray: it is not in the word at all

This is why when people tweet their Wordle scores, the boxes can used to how they got solution (if at all) without giving it away.

By the sixth guess, if you don’t have a whole green row, you have failed the Wordle for the day and must wait until the next one is released.

Wordle has only one feature. It features a new word that everyone is trying to find every day and can  played on any device with a web browser.

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