wordle today | The New York Times has pulled down the Wordle Archive website.

The New York Times has taken down Wordle today Archive, a well-liked website that included previous Wordle puzzles.

The website currently displays a statement that reads, “Unfortunately, the New York Times has ordered that the Wordle today Archive be taken down,” as discovered by Ars Technica.

An NYT spokeswoman stated, “The utilization was unauthorized, and we were in touch with them.” We won’t comment more, we promise.

Josh Wardle, the founder of Wordle today, sold it to NYT in January for a seven-figure fee. Since then, NYT has made several modifications that have displeased Wordle today users.

A day when Wordle today included two separate words for different sets of players was caused .

the puzzle’s relocation to the NYT website, which reset some players’ coveted play streaks. Additionally, the game’s coding was fouled up by removing several offensive and obscure words.

According to The New York Times, Wordle today would “initially” stay accessible to both new and existing users, raising concerns about how it may be profitable. One choice would be to provide a playable library of earlier problems, similar to what Wordle today Archive did for the NYT Mini crossword, funded by the NYT puzzle app.

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