This week, Wordle featured a different word for two groups of users

wordle today | Rude terms are removed from Wordle’s lexicon by the New York Times.

Since the New York Times purchased Wordle, several previously guessable terms have been taken out of the game’s lexicon.

According to Polygon, Wordle today users won’t be allowed to use terms like “whore,” “bitch,” and “sluts” anymore. Players will now notice “Not in word list” if they attempt to input any of these terms in the future.

However, as of this writing, people can still use the words “twats,” “minge,” “shits,” “cunts,” and “fucks,” which are arguably just as obscene, if not more so.

Due to their Britishness, the remaining words could still be utilized as educated guesses.

Although they are now allowed, the words above might not always be guessed correctly. According to a New York Times representative, offensive remarks will never be considered.

We are still working to exclude specific terms from the gameplay because Wordle today has only recently been transferred to The Times website.

This is in line with the restrictions on using profane terms in the company’s other word game, Spelling Bee.

Spelling Bee, in contrast to Wordle today, presents players with seven adorable honeycomb-styled letters. Players must then attempt to create as many words as possible with the provided letters.

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