The 8 Best Game Controllers of All Time!

Wordle today | Ranked: The 8 Best Game Controllers of All Time!

If you enjoy gaming, you probably have a favorite game controller. Even PC purists like me can’t dispute that some games are better with a controller, implying many of us have favorites. There have been many different gaming controllers, some being far superior to others. SlashGear has compiled a list of the best of the best.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that we’re not evaluating every game controller here; we’re just ranking the best. We’ve seen a lot of gaming controllers over the years, and including them, all would make this list unmanageably large; this is true even if we only included first-party controllers. Sorry, Virtual Boy controller, but you’ll have to sit out this one. With that caveat out, let’s get started with the list.

wordle today . Honorable Mentions

Many excellent controllers did not cut, so let’s take a moment to recognize a few honorable mentions. I like the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, but concerns with thumbstick drift and general longevity keep them from being excellent. The Wii remote is another controller that will likely appear on many similar lists due to its motion control abilities alone. Still, it never felt as wonderful to me as a genuine gamepad.

There’s also the reality that we’ve been spoilt by the abundance .

competent third-party controllers in recent years, which was not always the case. 8bitdo, in particular, has been producing quality controllers geared at both vintage and current players. Still, it has faced severe competition from businesses like PowerA and PDP, with PDP appearing to be focused on filling the cheap controller niche.

wordle today | Sega Genesis six-button gamepad

Many individuals are familiar with the Sega Genesis. However the controller you used the most was most likely decided by your locality rather than anything else. Most of us in the United States are probably better familiar with the three-button Genesis controller, which is an intriguing controller that would almost certainly make it onto other lists like this. Back in the day, I preferred the three-button controller, but there’s no doubting that the six-button controller was eventually superior.

For starters, the six-button controller was required for fighting games .

as it is much simpler to link attacks into combos when you have six buttons rather than just three. In my opinion, it also feels more likable in hand because it is a little smaller than the three-button controller. It’s a shame Sega didn’t include a six-button controller with the Sega Genesis Mini; that may be the single drawback in an otherwise fantastic vintage console.

wordle today | Nintendo Gamecube controller

Regarding the Gamecube controller, people are divided into two camps: those who adore it and those who despise it. Beginning with the Nintendo 64, Nintendo released a series of unusual controllers – the Gamecube controller was followed by the Wii remote and the enormous Wii U gamepad. But, out of all these controllers, I believe the Gamecube controller is the greatest.

The button arrangement takes some getting accustomed to, but it feels fantastic to use once you do. The left thumbstick is robust, but the C-stick, like the left, should have been a full-fledged thumbstick. We also received one of the most significant wireless controllers ever manufactured with the GameCube controller in the Wavebird, which appeared nearly ahead of its time in terms of functionality.

Wordle today | Xbox 360 gamepad

For many years, the Xbox 360 gamepad was the controller to beat, the king of the controller hill. Microsoft made several blunders with the first Xbox and its enormous Duke controller. Still, the Xbox Controller S, released in 2002, rectified many of the Duke’s flaws and laid the groundwork for the great gamepad that debuted with the Xbox 360.

A controller is still an excellent option for anyone searching for a PC gamepad .

and it will most likely remain so for some time. Even while the Xbox 360 controller was perfect then, it has since been surpassed by more current controllers, notably those from this generation.

Wordle today | Xbox Adaptive Controller

Regarding capabilities, the Xbox Adaptive Controller outperforms every other controller on our list. The Xbox Adaptive Controller appears to be rather basic on the surface, with its two large face buttons grouped in a slate-like structure and designed for individuals who cannot operate a regular gamepad due to disability.

The row of 3.5mm jacks that spans the whole top .

the Xbox Adaptive Controller is the key to its adaptability. Users may use them to connect to various peripherals, such as buttons, switches, or pedals, to construct a controller layout suited to their individual needs. With the launch of the Xbox Adaptive Controller .

folks who cannot use a regular gamepad (or a keyboard and mouse) .

may still engage in one of the most acceptable pastimes available, which is a beautiful thing.

wordle today| Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo has been creating Pro Controllers for a few generations now .

And with the release of the Switch, we saw Nintendo nail the Pro Controller design flawlessly. That said, Nintendo tends to charge a premium for its peripherals, and the Switch Pro Controller, at $80, is no different.

The Pro Controller is a must-have if you want to use your Switch on TV frequently. It’s far superior to using the Joy-Cons in the included grip.

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