'Wordle' today: Here's the answer, hints for August 2

wordle today | My streak was maintained using this Wordle , which you’ll probably detest.

A great starter Wordle word is not the way to go

wordle today | Do you need some Wordle tips?

Even though you might not like it, I have a suggestion that has allowed me to improve my scores during my second streak in the game. Why am I such a novice authority?

I’ve completed 71 Wordle puzzles, lost only once, and have a 38-day winning streak. Although my colleague Marc McLaren, who updates our Wordle today answer narrative for today, may have a lot better track record (271-1), I guarantee you won’t find this recommendation in his subsequent manual.

You won’t enjoy this section of the Wordle today advice, so let’s move on . It would help if you quit starting your sentences with the same term. Therefore, mute that “RADIO,” bid “ADIEU,” and all your  favorite standard first words.

I’ve got an alternative approach that I think will work for you. And if it matters, too? Wordle is set to a hard mode for me.

wordle today : Keep using different first words .


Please let me know if you see any patterns other than the fact that they all have five letters. I doubt you’ll discover any gimmicks, except a lack of past-tense terms.


  • Wordle #271: MOVIE
  • Wordle #270: CATER
  • Wordle #269: TEASE
  • Wordle #268: SMELT
  • Wordle #267: FOCUS
  • Wordle #266: TODAY
  • Wordle #265: WATCH
  • Wordle #264: LAPSE
  • Wordle #263: MONTH
  • Wordle #262: SWEET
  • Wordle #261: HOARD
  • Wordle #260: CLOTH
  • Wordle #259: BRINE
  • Wordle #258: AHEAD
  • Wordle #257: MOURN
  • Wordle #256: NASTY
  • Wordle #255: RUPEE
  • Wordle #254: CHOKE
  • Wordle #253: CHANT
  • Wordle #252: SPILL

wordle today :I mention this to indicate that I find it difficult to believe that the letters in any common word would always guide you to the appropriate solution. It could be a good idea to identify vowels early as just seven of the 20 words lack a vowel in the first two letters, in my opinion. But in my opinion, that ratio is insufficient.

Finding as much of the word’s beginning as early as possible has been the secret to my finest Wordle today victories. I find it more challenging to decipher the origin of an observation than the finish for some reason. I’m hoping that both my first and second assumptions will be accurate in early slots or yellows I can then try at the start of the word in round two.

wordle today :-

And I started to switch things up because Wordle today doesn’t appear to have any apparent patterns. When I initially utilized unfamiliar terms like “PLATE,” “HOCUS,” and “POWER,” I discovered that it took me three rounds to arrive at the solution.

wordle today : Take my victory on Friday, March 18. I would never have imagined the term “SAUTE,” but I was fortunate in this case in two different ways. First, I’d say that my strategy of employing a greater variety of starting words made it possible for me to grab the last three letters early enough. However, getting greens in the fourth and fifth positions so before did little to encourage me to consider “SAUTE.”

However, the yellow “A” was just as important in this situation. To quickly reduce the area it fits inside; I immediately attempted a word that went with the A in the first slot. Knowing that the A belongs in the second position after round two? The process of elimination started there.

wordle today :- Using the same word got me in trouble

The majority of the time, I utilized terms like “AUDIO,” “RADIO,” and “CODES,” which I believed to be my go-to phrases. I ended up requiring all six rounds. One of those dates was February 8; that’s when I suffered my lone loss. I didn’t play on hard mode either, and after reviewing my performance, I only had one round where I used the letters “A” and “R” twice, as Wordle today lately used a lot of double letters.

Therefore, in my opinion, your chances of hitting gold are increased the more diverse your collection of beginning phrases is (sometimes I’ve just chosen anything at random).

If you want to speed up the process of elimination, how about a term with plenty of vowels? Afterward, proceed through a set, choosing SOARE, ADIEU, AUDIO, and RADIO, and then revisit your fifth game. For even more alternatives, visit our top Wordle start words list.

wordle today : That said, Wordle is (arguably) all luck

Some of my coworkers disagree that you ought to utilize hard mode. It removes your capacity to make more educated guesses after trying things out. But since switching to the hard level, I haven’t had any problem defeating Wordle today , thanks to my constantly evolving opening word approach.

Of course, your results may differ. However, the more you play around with that initial round, the more you’ll find yourself adjusting to the Wordle game’s seemingly random replies. It may be argued that Wordle is a game of chance, so why not try to break the trend by foreseeing the unanticipated?

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