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wordle today | Here is what I discovered after looking for patterns in each Wordle solution.

I examined every Wordle response for patterns, and here’s what I discovered.

Wordle is a game involving words, but you can win it by using numbers.

I examined every Wordle response for patterns, and here’s what I discovered.

Wordle is a game involving words, but you can win it by using numbers.

Though Wordle is a game about words, statistics might help you beat it — and it all comes down to probability.

Every answer is one of 2,309 potential answers. And each letter has a chance of appearing in any given location. Knowing these possibilities and modifying your approach can help you win the game and keep your streak going.

The good news is that anybody can analyse the data by obtaining the New York Times’ list of Wordle responses. The other good news is that I’m a Wordle nerd, so I did it for you.

Is this considered cheating? That is entirely up to you to decide. I prefer to think of it as the Moneyball approach to Wordle in that.

it simply uses the existing data to gain an edge and eliminate the need to hunt for today’s Wordle solution. Please rest assured that I won’t provide any solutions that aren’t currently in the game.

So continue reading to get some necessary details about anything.

The most frequent starting and ending combinations to the possibility of hearing three consonants in a row or the likelihood of receiving a double V.

wordle today : Wordle by numbers- The basics


My top Wordle start words essay covers this, but let’s go a bit further here. Regarding letter frequency, Wordle is not similar to the English language. There are apparent parallels, but the smaller word pool has an effect.

The letter E is the most commonly used in both English.Wordle replies, while practically every other letter is used more or less frequently in Wordle.

The letter T, for example, is the second most prevalent in English yet ranks fifth in Wordle. In Wordle, N and I are likewise less prevalent.

The most notable distinctions are R, H, L, F, and Y. For example, Y is far more prevalent in Wordle than in English in general, whereas H is far less common.

That has influenced my approach; until recently, I would seldom play a Y early in the game, but I now employ it more frequently than letters like D and M.


Knowing the most common letters in Wordle is one thing, but knowing where they are most prevalent is much more helpful. As a result, this is my favourite Wordle data table – and yes, I need to get out more.

To return to Y, I mentioned above that it’s more prevalent in Wordle than in English, but only after the word. It’s seldom use elsewhere.

For example, E, the most often used letter in Wordle, replies yet only appears frequently towards the conclusion of a word. There are numerous more common letters in the first, second, and third places, to the point that even W, the sixth least typical letter overall, is more likely to begin a Wordle response.

On the other hand, K terminates 113 Wordle replies but is only used 97 times in the other four spots. Meanwhile, the letter S appears in more than half of the Wordle responses.


Follows from the preceding, but separating these two critical components of a Wordle response is crucial. If you get them correctly, you’ll be well on discovering the solution.

Here are the ten most popular Wordle beginning letters:

And the 10 most common ending letters:


Knowing the most common starting letters is valuable, but because the same two letters frequently appear together, knowing the most common starting combinations is perhaps much more helpful.

There are 214 different two-letter beginning pairings among the 2,309 Wordle answers, much too many to enumerate here. Many appear only a few times; in fact, over half of them appear in less than five replies. Let’s focus on the most typical ones first:

Given that S and C are the most common initial letters, it’s no surprise that they appear in the top five. But GR in sixth place? FL in position 7? I was surprised  it.

So, what about ending combinations? There are 203 unique endings, with ER being the most prevalent. However, there are a few near the top of the list that you would not anticipate, such as SE (TEASE, game 269) and TY (NASTY, game 256).

It’s worth learning those starting and ending combinations and keeping them in mind when attempting to solve the problem.

Remember that many of them are only used a single or a few times, so on the lookout for WD, IK, or XT in a Wordle response soon.

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