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wordle today | Here are some advice I’ve learned from playing every Wordle and only losing once.


You’ve arrived at the right site if you’re seeking Wordle tips & techniques. I’ve played all 366 Wordle games and have only lost once. So I can assist you in keeping your streak going on a poor day.

save you from having to look up today’s Wordle solution.

Like the rest of the world, I was a latecomer to Wordle, beginning playing on Christmas Eve, December 24. I got the solution, WEARY, in 3/6 guesses, then basically forgot about the game until early January.

when I posted about it right before it became viral.

 Wordle is either the last thing I do at night or the first thing I do in the morning.

I’ve completed all of the games I missed thanks to the fantastic — and now unfortunately defunct — Wordle Archive.

I’m also quite popular at gatherings.

So, what can you learn by playing 366 Wordle games? Including how to avoid losing your streak, the best beginning phrases.

why you shouldn’t play on hard difficulty, and much more.

Continue reading, and I’ll offer my Wordle tips and methods to help you win the game everyone is playing. You  also interested in what I discovered .

when I studied every Wordle answer for patterns and my opinions on the five things . I analyzed every Wordle answer to look for patterns.

Wordle needs to improve to keep us playing for another year (and beyond).

 1. There’s nothing more important than your Wordle start word

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You might as well give up if you get this one incorrectly. While some players prefer to use a new Wordle best start word for each game.

that’s like running a marathon with your legs tied together: unnecessary masochism.

Wordle only allows you six guesses; if you misspell the first word, you’re in for a world of letter-based agony.

so add that they should have at least two vowels and a few of the most typical consonants.

The NYT’s brilliant WordleBot tool

pick STARE since  used to it.  it’s statistically near the best Wordle start word Because of the number of vowels.

some individuals prefer SOARE or ADIEU, but the critical thing is to select one and stick with it. The New York Times’ unique WordleBot technology understands the value of a solid first word but favours CRANE.

A decent Wordle start word will acquaint you with the patterns that tend to arise from those letters, as well as give you a higher chance of getting green and yellow letters on the first try. You’ll be stumbling about in the dark when you might be using a flashlight if you change it every time.

wordle today : 2. Your streak is more important than your score — so protect it

Many folks get this one wrong. I don’t believe I’m incredibly excellent at Wordle (my average from those 363 games is just under 4), but my official streak is presently at 167, which I guess is relatively high. And if you include the games, I played on the Wordle Archive, my unofficial streak now stands at 288.

In summary, I’ve guarded my streak as carefully as Link guards Zelda, and I’ve done it by being extra cautious whenever I encounter a tricky word. When I detect a WATCH scenario (see below), I play it cautious and utilise a wild guess to narrow down the alternatives, even if it lowers my score.

It’s exciting to get a 3/6 or even a 2/6, but is that high worth chasing when compared to the bottom of losing a 60-game streak? No way. About that

wordle today : 3. Hard mode is annoying mode

I know what you’re thinking: winning 365 Wordle games is pointless if you’re not playing on hard mode. And maybe they’re correct. However, they  mistaken in different (more correct) way.

A brainteaser should reward strategy or expertise rather than pure chance. Of course, luck plays a role in every game of Wordle, but on hard difficulty, it might guarantee that you lose your streak.

which is quite annoying.

Why? Consider the word WATCH, the answer to game 265 above. Even if you played CATCH as your first guess, giving you four out of five letters right away. you couldn’t be confident you’d win solely on your brilliance.

since there are more than five more viable answers: HATCH, BATCH, PATCH, LATCH, and MATCH, in addition, to WATCH. There would be nothing you could do in hard mode to improve your odds of winning; there would be no brilliant plan or creative thought. You’d  left speculating , hoping.

Meanwhile, you could do what I stated above in normal mode and play a random phrase that narrows the selections. That’s not chance. That’s strategy.

wordle today : 4. Play your vowels early

Even though your starting word should include at least two vowels.

occasionally, you’ll get lucky with your initial guess and see them all turn grey. If it happens, play at least two more on the second go. Vowels are critical in determining the structure of a word. Therefore turning them yellow (or ruling them out) early is critical.

The most prevalent vowel in Wordle is E, followed by A, O, I, and finally, U. For the greatest likelihood of success, use them in that sequence.

wordle today : 5. Play common consonants early

Yes, there might be a J or an X in the Wordle solution, but it’s pretty unlikely. Instead, start with R, T, L, S, and N because they’re the most prevalent consonants in Wordle, and most responses will include at least one.


wordle today : 10. Try out multiple solutions

So there you go — 10 Wordle tips and tricks to help you beat the game. Maybe once you’ve mastered it, you can move on to Quordle, Octordle, Worldle, Heardle or one of the other best Wordle alternatives.

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