'Wordle' Creator on Why He Doesn't Want Users to 'Binge' Or 'Get Addicted' To His Game

Wordle today , happy first birthday! Here are five things you can do better.

What must Wordle do to get us to return for a second year?

A brand-new game debuted on June 19, 2021, with minimal fanfare. Wordle, which bears Josh Wardle’s name, didn’t become widely known until October and didn’t start to attract notice until January 2022. However, once it did, it quickly became the year’s most viral hit.

A year later, Wordle is in a dramatically different place. The exact number of players is unknown, now owned by New York Times and probably in millions. Wordle clones and substitutes  also given rise whole industry, some of which are virtually important original.

It’s understandable why;

Wordle today is an excellent counterbalance to a decade of increasingly difficult games .

offering one moderately difficult puzzle every day with no time limit other than the requirement to finish .it by midnight, straightforward gameplay mechanics, and an integrated sharing feature that made it a genuinely social experience.


Wordle’s birthday topic of discussion because it wasn’t widely known when first came out .

However, if you look the HTML code for game .  first input  dated June 19, 2021, and first response CIGAR; that’s sufficient for us.

Last of the game’s 2,308 problems will  utilized sometime in October 2027 . it’s conceivable that the New York Times will increase word list before then .

However, Wordle today may need to fight hard for its attention .

if it wants to retain all those millions of admirers playing every day .  today’s viral phenomenon is tomorrow’s Pokémon Go.

What, therefore, can Wordle  today do in its second year to maintain its appeal? I have a few concepts.

1. Wordle today | Add cross-device play

My Wordle today streak is 53, yet it’s also 165 right now. This irritates me, and it’s all because Wordle today isn’t yet smart enough to manage users playing on several devices.I admit that I may not be a typical Wordle today .

I frequently finish the game on my phone first .

Then switch to my laptop and play it once . More so that I may capture screenshots and write my today’s Wordle today  answer column for wordle today .

However, my phone streak and stats varied from those on my laptop on a few instances since I bypassed the phone step and went right to the computer.

I played on laptop every day,  whole run been recorded, but if I forgotten game or day off work at any point, it would have been  complete disaster . Because Wordle  today stats can’t officially be shared across devices,

It can’t possibly be that tough to solve this. Wordle today  is now a part of NYT Games, and NYT has a login system so you can play other games like Spelling Bee and utilize WordleBot. It may add a free tier so you could continue to sign in on different devices and know your streak was always secure.

2. Wordle today | Create an official Wordle archive

As I’ve already said, I’ve played every Wordle today thus far and have only ever lost. And the fact that I had access to the unfortunately defunct Wordle today Archive is .

what allowed me to achieve it .Although other such websites let you play older Wordles today . All of them were abruptly shut down by the NYT when it bought the game in February.

On the one hand, I can understand why: it had to safeguard its intellectual property (IP) as it had invested a low-seven figure sum on Wordle today .

However, such a move would only be justified if it established its official Archive; as of yet, nothing suggests it is doing so.

3. Wordle today | Make WordleBot (partly) free again

WordleBot was a fantastic addition to the Wordle today  experience. It provided players with post-game analysis of the most recent puzzle, strategy suggestions, and knowledge about things like the greatest Wordle start word.

It was free for the first several months of its existence . But was placed behind the NYT paywall early this month.

As I mentioned above, it makes sense for the NYT to wish to recoup some of the money it spent on the game . But was it really necessary to go all out and hide everything behind a paywall?

One of WordleBot’s biggest features . For instance, is that it displays the overall average score for all players who have completed the game that day.

Awareness of this statistic greatly enhances the sense of community around Wordle .

4.Wordle today | Improve the in-game stats screen

Similarly, Wordle’s statistics page is clear, concise, and useful; it shows you how many 2s, 3s, 4s, etc., and the length of your current streak, but it could do more.

Certainty, many individuals don’t want specific statistics, but they may be concealed in a pop-up. For instance, I’d want to be able to quickly see my total average, but right now, I need a calculator to figure it out (it’s 3.76 since you asked). Also, I’m curious how that stacks up against everyone else that plays the game.

This would be a little enhancement that would also be simple to implement.

5. Wordle today | Create a better Hard Mode

As I’ve stated a few times, Wordle’s Hard Mode isn’t exactly my cup of tea. This is simply because it alters the gameplay in a way that I believe is undesirable, not because I’m afraid of it (although I do not dispute that I am just an average player).

Currently, the way Hard Mode operates is by making you play letters that are already green or yellow in successive guesses. This implies that you cannot utilise a “throwaway” estimate to focus your efforts on a challenging word. It does make the game harder in that regard. But primarily, it only makes luck more important.

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