'Wordle' today: Here's the answer, hints for August 2

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I can see the argument that since there are only five vowels (plus Y sometimes), you don’t have to identify them immediately. However, I want to know the vowels since it helps me limit my alternatives. To get the E and A information out there and to see if my favorite consonants are there, I’ve started with ADIEU, but I prefer to start with REGAL these days. With three vowels and two of my favorite consonants, AISLE is another of my famous words.

Check out this CNET TikTok, which suggests starting with ADIEU and adding STORY afterward. It’s a fantastic one-two punch that includes several well-known letters. When I initially attempted it, I could use the letter information I learned from those guesses to decipher the word on my third try quickly.

Josh Wardle, the founder of Wordle today, was invited to reveal his methods. I haven’t heard anything back yet, but if he does, I’ll share without a doubt. I asked CNET employees to share their Wordle today tips and go-to beginning words in the interim. I hope it offers you a nudge or a boost.

wordle today | Big AUDIO dynamite

“AUDIO. Get 4 of the five vowels out of the way right away, then concentrate on limiting the consonants. However, don’t be scared to switch up your initial word since occasionally a seemingly random phrase that comes to mind turns out to be far more logical than you could have ever thought.” Bradley Esqueda

Wordle today | A blank STARE

“STARE is my go-to. I take a little inspiration from the Wheel of Fortune strategy of correctly guessing RSTLNE first, and with this, I also eliminate two vowels. This frequently offers me something on the board early, at the very least.” Ali Blumenthal

wordle today | Get TEARY

“I alternate between the initial words TEARY, PIOUS, and ADIEU to eliminate certain similar letters and gain ground with vowels. I then base my next word choice on the outcomes, but occasionally, I give up and say TEARY and PIOUS consecutively no matter what.” Andrea Kooser

wordle today | Wheel good plan

To add another level of difficulty, I first make sure to complete it before drinking my morning coffee. I don’t have a go-to term since it feels a little cheap, but I do like to go for starting words that have a lot of vowels or that start with the letters from the original Wheel of Fortune: RSTLNE. I figure anything that works for Pat Sajak’s staff must be good enough. Andre Krok

Wordle today | An argument for ADIEU

“I’ve used ADIEU since the beginning. Funny enough, I still occasionally misspell it. I sometimes attempt something new to liven things up, primarily due to pressure from Jackson Ryan. But every time I deviate from ADIEU, it emerges as a tremendous uphill battle that I can hardly survive. I have no idea why we are all bickering, either way. Someone  did an experiment on this. The best word is ROATE.”  —Mark Serrels

Wordle today | STORY time

“I use the term ADIEU that Mark used and then added the word STORY. Then, all that’s left to do is place all the letters I discovered in the locations I believe they go, knock my skull on the table, and mutter, “I’m not this stupid, am I?” until I figure it out.” Obama Gonzalez

Wordle today | The first word you think of

“I play Wordle today in a high-risk, high-reward way. I honestly choose the first word that comes to mind without using any planning. In addition to being the purest form of Wording (as the experts undoubtedly claim), it is also gratifying when I unintentionally predict three or four out of five letters right.” Monica Ravisetti

Wordle today | Not easy being green

“Although TREAD is a good choice, I like to vary my first word. Nevertheless, I always have a few heuristic guidelines—a minimum of two vowels. Avoid using an S. (That S guess will prove useful later on when you discover how stupid you are and can only come up with four-letter answers. The last guideline is that your second guess should never contain your greens from guess one unless you’re playing on a hard level. Save those greens later and add five more letter hunches to the mix. I will condemn you if I notice on Twitter that you provided a Wordle response with tall green columns of letters that remained in place.” Clare Reilly

Wordle today | Guess it in two

“TREAD is a winner, but I prefer to vary my first word. I always have a few first-guess guidelines. At least two vowels. Never use an S. (That S guess will come in later when you realize you’re extremely dull and can only think of four-letter guesses.) Final rule: Never include your greens from guess one in your second guess (unless you’re on hard mode). Save those greens later and add five fresh letter guesses to the mix. I will evaluate you if you submit a Wordle today response on Twitter with long green columns of letters that stay in the same spot.” Claire Reilly

Wordle today | Don’t fail

“I’m not a fan of strategy. Choose the word that calls you the most in the morning and listen to your heart. Starting with a strategically successful term makes things too simple. So what if you fail? It’s only Wordle today ! (However, I’d want to emphasize that I never fail, even when the term has an X.).” Sarah McDermott’s

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