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Wordle Answer and Hints – July 15, 2023 Solution #756

Congratulations on solving Wordle! Here is the answer and some helpful hints to guide you through the puzzle:


The solution to Wordle puzzle #756 is “ CRONE “. Well done on finding the correct word!

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Vowel Exploration:

Start by guessing common vowels like A, E, I, O, or U. These letters often appear in many words and can help you get a sense of the word’s structure.

Repeated Letter Clues:

If a letter appears more than once in the puzzle, it’s likely an important letter in the target word. Pay attention to these repeated letters and try different positions for them.

Word Length Analysis:

Consider the length of the target word and try guessing letters that fit the available spaces. This can help you narrow down the possibilities and identify potential word patterns.

Consonant Focus:

Focus on common consonants such as T, N, R, S, and L. These letters are frequently used in many words and can be good starting points for your guesses.

Process of Elimination:

Based on the feedback you receive from correct and incorrect letter placements, use the process of elimination to eliminate letters that don’t fit the pattern of the target word. This can help you make more informed guesses in subsequent rounds.

Remember, these hints are just strategies to consider and may not guarantee the correct answer. The key to Wordle is to keep trying different combinations until you find the right word. Good luck and enjoy the challenge!


First  letter is C

second letter is R

third letter is  O

fourth letter is N

fifth letter is E


Today’s Wordle Answer #756




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