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Unlocking Wordle #863: Today’s Clues and Answer – October 30

Wordle enthusiasts, rejoice! We’re here to guide you through the latest Wordle challenge, #863, dated October 30. This edition of Wordle should prove to be an engaging endeavor, and we’re here with the essential hints and the final answer to make your Wordle experience a triumphant one.

Cracking Wordle #863: Unveiling the Solution

Tackling Wordle #863 should be a breeze with the following pointers:

1. Embrace the Vowels

In your quest to uncover the elusive Wordle answer, remember that it incorporates one of the five primary vowels (A, E, I, O, U). While some letters might occasionally act as vowels, these five are your primary focus.

2. No Repetition Allowed

Wordle #863 adheres to a no-repetition rule. Each letter must appear only once, eliminating any duplicates.

3. Familiar Letters

The Wordle answer contains just one of the five most common letters found in Wordle puzzles. Keep your eye on these frequent letter suspects.

By following these clues, you’ll already be on the path to uncovering today’s Wordle answer. But if you’re craving more substantial hints, we’ve got you covered.

A Closer Look at Wordle #863

For those who crave more insight, here’s a bigger hint: Today’s Wordle answer feels like a trickster. It kicks off with the letter ‘P.’ Combine this clue with the previous insights, and you’re all set to maintain your Wordle winning streak.

Revealing Wordle #863’s Answer

Without further ado, the answer to Wordle #863 is… PHONY. This puzzling word might appear as an imposter at first glance, but it’s indeed the correct solution. Sometimes, Wordle surprises us in the most delightful ways.

As I embarked on this Wordle journey, the path was not straightforward. My initial guess, “ORATE,” only revealed a solitary yellow ‘O.’ According to WordleBot, a whopping 193 possible answers loomed. However, WordleBot’s best Wordle start words, especially those featuring ‘O’ and ‘N,’ proved effective. For instance, “SNORT” narrowed it down to 16 solutions, and “CLONE” further reduced it to ten. Words commencing with ‘P,’ such as “PLANE,” left a mere six solutions, making your Wordle quest even more efficient.

On my subsequent move, I aimed to incorporate as many of the next most common letters as possible. Since this list includes ‘L,’ ‘I,’ ‘S,’ ‘N,’ and ‘C,’ I took a shot with “CLOWN,” which felt like a strategic choice. Although the results initially seemed underwhelming with the ‘O’ turning green and a yellow ‘N,’ it eventually led to only two possible answers, as per WordleBot’s calculations.

After contemplating several possibilities, “PHONY” emerged as the solution, with all five letters turning green. It resulted in a satisfying three-turn victory. It’s worth noting that an alternative answer could have been “SNOOP.”

We hope you navigated today’s puzzle successfully, Wordlers. Until tomorrow, when a new week of Wordling begins.

Yesterday’s Wordle Challenge: #861

If you’re in a different time zone or simply want to revisit Wordle #861, the answer for that game was “MASON.” This particular puzzle presented some challenges, but with persistence and the right strategy, victory was within reach.

Just like every other day, my Wordle journey commenced with “ORATE,” a favored starting word that incorporates all five of the most common Wordle letters. This move yielded two yellow clues: ‘O’ and ‘A.’ Despite this promising start, there were still 71 possible answers to sift through. Some of WordleBot’s top Wordle start words turned out to be more efficient, such as “LEAST” (33 possible answers) and “SLATE” (19). For the most efficient results, “SLANT” reduced it to just nine solutions.

In my second turn, I aimed to eliminate more common letters. “COLAS” appeared to be a good choice, ruling out ‘A’ and ‘O’ in two positions, while ‘S’ turned yellow. This move left me with only two viable answers, according to WordleBot’s assessments.

However, limited options don’t always lead to instant revelations. I found myself staring at the board for what seemed like an eternity, attempting to decipher the possible answers. Eventually, “SAVOY” emerged as the wrong answer from WordleBot’s potential solutions, but the green ‘A’ and ‘O’ and the yellow ‘S’ narrowed it down to the word “MASON.” I entered it, securing a four-turn win.

We hope your journey through Wordle #861 was a success. See you tomorrow for a fresh Wordle challenge.

A Look Back at Previous Wordle Answers

For those who enjoy reminiscing about past Wordle experiences, here’s a list of the last 20 Wordle answers:

  • Wordle #861: MASON
  • Wordle #860: NOBLE
  • Wordle #859: PIQUE
  • Wordle #858: RETRY
  • Wordle #857: CAUSE
  • Wordle #856: TEMPO
  • Wordle #855: GIVEN
  • Wordle #854: SMIRK
  • Wordle #853: OCCUR
  • Wordle #852: SPLAT
  • Wordle #851: MERCY
  • Wordle #850: ADULT
  • Wordle #849: GRAPH
  • Wordle #848: LEAKY
  • Wordle #847: AGENT
  • Wordle #846: UNCLE
  • Wordle #845: KNELT
  • Wordle #844: SKUNK
  • Wordle #843: SNAIL
  • Wordle #842: TRUTH

Mastering Wordle: Tips for Success

To become a Wordle virtuoso, consider the following strategies:

1. Start Strong with Key Words

Begin your Wordle quest with one of the best Wordle start words. This is a game-changer, significantly improving your chances of success. Some words are more effective than others, so choose wisely.

2. Focus on Combinations

Pay attention to letter combinations, especially at the start and end of the word. Combinations like SH, ST, CR, and CH are frequently found in Wordle answers.

3. Vowels Matter

While not every Wordle answer contains multiple vowels, some do. Vowels are crucial, and a strong Wordle start word should incorporate a few. Don’t forget about the letter ‘Y,’ which can act as a surrogate vowel.

4. Explore Possibilities

Feel free to experiment with different letter combinations before committing to an answer. This trial-and-error approach can be highly effective in deciphering less obvious words.

For additional Wordle strategies and in-depth analysis, check out Tom


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