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The Wordle today | archive is gone, but you can still read about all the past words of Wordle here.

wordle today | Today’s Wordle answer and hints — solution #398, Friday, July 22

Wordle today | Why was the Wordle Archive shut down?

Since the acquisition, the NYT has moved to safeguard what is now its wholly owned intellectual property by placing pressure on Wordle affiliates to shut down their “unauthorized” recreations of the game’s last daily puzzles, starting with the Wordle Archive in March. By the beginning of June, all of the best-known ways to play Wordle outside the NYT website were gone, including the game’s original, pre-acquisition home.

While there’s no guarantee that the game will remain freely available for non-NYT subscribers to access, it hasn’t slipped behind the paywall yet. It’s also unknown whether the NYT will one day build an archive of its own.

wordle today | Everything you may need to know about “Wordle” to succeed .

wordle today | The creator of the game “Wordle” explains why he doesn’t want users to “binge” or “become addicted” to it.

Wordle today | Your New York Times account may now linked to Wordle statistics.

wordle today | Facts How to Maintain Your Streak

Wordle today -obsessed? The finest word games to play in real life are those.

Wordle today | Past Wordle answers

Wordle #387: MADAM – A polite way to address a lady or the standard way to refer to the owner and manager of a brothel.

Wordle #386: BERTH – A designated parking space for a ship at a port or a designated sleeping area on a boat.

Wordle #385: STEAD – A location, a position, or an activity that another item or person usually handles.

Wordle #384: VOICE – A phrase used to refer to a particular viewpoint or opinion or the sound generated in a mammal .  reptile, or amphibian’s larynx that emanates from their lips.

Wordle #383: AGAPE refers to the wide-open mouth expression often used to describe surprise or awe.

Wordle #382: FLUFF is either a disparaging term for a shallow piece of amusement or the fibers shed by soft fabric that collect into a clump.

FIELD is a particular area of study or interest, or an open expanse of ground, according to Wordle #381.

SEVER is a cut or slice that separates one into more than one in Wordle #380.

LILAC is a Eurasian shrub with pink, violet, white, or pinkish-violet blooms. Wordle #379.

Wordle #378: EGRET – A coastal bird with long legs and a long neck

Wordle today | What’s the best Wordle starting word ?

You can choose the ideal opening move with the help of our suggestions. To rule those phonological building elements in or out,

these suggestions include selecting a word with at least two distinct vowels and a few common consonants like S, T, R, or N.

If you chance to receive the rare 1/6 result, rejoice by switching out your starting five. Even you’re loyal  your mathematically good starter, once it’s been answer o given day, it won’t  answer again for years .

Wordle today | Will Wordle run out of words ?

As of right now, Wordle today is designe to go away somewhere around the end . Before the NYT takeover, it is where the list of solutions in the daily word puzzle’s source code ended. Since taking over, the newspaper has removed a few terms from that master list.

However, Wordle today  has become quite popular, so there is no reason to think that the pre-programmed finale into its initial source code represents the end.

Even if it involves adding previously used words back in or maybe changing the rules to accommodate terms with more letters.

it is quite probable that the game will continue after any rumored cutoff dates.

Wordle today | Wordle alternatives

wordle today : The top 15 plus Wordle substitutes list include Heardle, Quordle, and Squirdle

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