‘Squabble’ is a ‘Wordle’ fight to the death

We know you think that you,ve mastered wordle ? then , let,s some pressure to your game solution .


This game is the battle royle/ wordle mix , in this game you bunch the other players , they all of them want to win a series of wordle-style challenges fast than you . you got health point’s, who can reduce with the time ‘but after all they can be replenish by solving the puzzle correctly . byt at the end they can be only one .


It’s more stressfull than the regular games , and also though you do get theadditional exitment from watching your enemies .

In this game  Squabble has two basic mode : in blitz , you compete against up to four players .this abattle royale is massive game fight , with maximum of 99 players .



This game Squabble gets you create your own or join the an exiting game . about my expereince , loks a game and jump into  is more easy than others options . also you can watch a reply of the game you played .


You can do settings include dark mode as can as colorblind mode , and a “coming soon” section promises better support for mobiles phones and tablets , mactings , solo and daily modes , and more .


For you what all that means is that your raging wodle addication isn’t going away yet .

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