Only one ‘Wordle’ in a day is not enough ? ‘Dordle gives you two at once

We know our visiters like Wordle ,  so we can add wordle in your wordle .


One mor day , one another wordle , and also another wordle alternatives offering delightful or diabolical twist on the virl word game .

In addication of josh wordle’s successfull format , there’s lewdle ( rude fice-letters words only )  , absurdle ( a truly evil variant that switches up the guessing process), primel ( a five digit game ) , sweardle ( 4 letter game) and more much in the works game .

But  just like the original flavor , all of these are refresh one a day , then don’t spend the endless hours guessing the your heart content . that’s is one of the part of appeal – wordle game is not monetize your attention like so many games and apps can do – but in another side this is only one time you play the game to solve the puzzle to another day . but because of you are human and thus wired to crave fun , you need to little more about the game .  so in this case Dordle is granting your wish –


The Dordle game developer zaratustra productions as “ Wordle plus wordle ) this is the definitely in the category of wordle alternativies , and this is not only of that this is zero clearly on how to pronounce the name .


This game has two grid side be ide , both sides are working as the standard format does – five letters and six guesses , greyed-out squares fro letter pronounce in the solution , yellow square for letters about wrong and green for letters of right place .


Look the difference here, though ,is that although there is souble the worlde-ing,  you still only get six guesses – each of which apply to both games . you need to make desigion once : can I guess effectively to do more data on both words , or I sacrifice a guess on one side to try and aolve the other ?


If you’r lucky and smart minded , you get one side in the first few guesses and have left over the second  square . in this case if you solve the first one in the four or fifth guess – specially if you focused a guess or two on getting  that side solved at the expense , more useful guesses on the other side – you may finding yourself throwing a hail mary .

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