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FF Advance Server MOD APK 2022 for Android Free Download

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ff advance server apk download


66.27.0 (2019112124)
Jul 6, 2022
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Free Fire Advance is a beta version of the game that gives you an early opportunity to check out some of its most recent features. You may find all brand-new skins, upcoming weaponry, and improvements that will eventually appear in the game’s standard edition.


You must first receive an activation code from playing Free Fire Advance.  Not disclosing your activation code to anybody is crucial because they are all unique and individual. Additionally, you should be aware that Advance server access is restricted. Thus, you cannot get the code for several days.


You get the same battle royale experience as before with Free Fire Advance, but a tonne of brand-new elements will surprise even the most seasoned gamers. However, no progress achieved on the Advance server will transfer to the standard version of Free Fire.


One of the most well-liked games, Garena Free Fire, is played by a wide range of people, including kids and .


Game Play Garena Free Fire features a game pattern that is reasonably difficult and undoubtedly highly thrilling. This game also has excellent visuals, which contributes to its popularity.

FF Advance Server MOD APK 2022 for Android Free Download

Free Fire has excellent visuals and a great fighting field, but a new version called FF Advance Server has recently been released.


You must check out the numerous intriguing features that the Free Fire Advance Server offers if you want to play a thrilling fighting game with plenty of fresh features available without cost.



Users with an invitation or activation code can play the FF Advance Server game, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry; we’ll go through everything in depth below.

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What is FF Advance Server Mod APK?


Garena Free Fire’s test server is called the FF Advance server. Many more features not included in the standard Garena Free Fire game may be found on this server.

Additionally, the FF Advance game offers premium features that can be acquired for incredibly inexpensive costs.

Since the Free Fire Advance Server is a test server, buying features are also offered at discounted costs.

As with the Free Fire Original game, you must pay with diamonds to obtain features.

If you encounter an issue while using the FF Advance Server, please report it to Garena Free Fire immediately. Each Free Fire bug report will get you about 3,000 gems.

However, the games in the game cannot be played continually since the advanced server is still in the testing phase.

You can’t play if the developer shuts down the server, but if the test is successful, it’s conceivable that the game will always open.


Have a Buff System & Others

With the addition of the buff system and the power pack in Free Fire Apk, players may now enhance their vehicles, helmets, and toys.

Additionally, the game will provide you with a complex system. Among these are the choices to add new characters, update existing surfaces, and equip new characters with the best gear.

Extensive Map and Complex Topography

In Free Fire Apk, there is a map to help players navigate. The safe region is only present briefly, and the game’s geography is not very large.

In the game, you are free to land wherever and gather the resources you require to combat other players. The objective is to stay inside the safety circle as much as possible.

In Free Fire Apk, many hills, trees, and lanes make the topography rather challenging. There are several perils and dangers spread across the game’s huge territory. To survive in this game, you must battle to the conclusion.

Players won’t be able to manage the game’s surroundings. And this raises the intrigue level of the game. Your task is to swiftly gather all the tools and supplies you require to be prepared for combat. Additionally, you must be able to fly helicopters, motorbikes, and other vehicles over various terrain.

Include Multiple Characters

You have the option to play as Kelly, Olivia, Ford, or Andrew in Free Fire Apk. Then, you may use gold to unlock skills and upgrade characters. Players will be shown a survival circle, akin to other games like Rules of Survival and Hopeless Land. The process will eventually shrink, and those outsides of it will perish.

Massive Weapon System

This game offers a wide variety of weaponry for you to choose from. Seven weapons are available for you, including the AWM, USP, Dagger, UMP, , M4A1, and AK-47. You can also consider utilizing 14 various types of pieces to battle in Free Fire.

ff advance service free download
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Because of how quickly things move, how simple they are to handle, how smoothly the images are shown, and how effectively it functions across all platforms, this game is unusual and unique. They elevate the title to one of the top mobile survival games available today.

Let’s Experience!

Free Fire Apk is a shooter game that is popular due to how much fun it is to play and how realistic the graphics are. Join this incredible game to experience all that an actual survival game has to offer, from joy to thrill and drama to the fear of dying. For Free Fire, you may try utilizing Lulubox to unlock skins.

Key Features:
  • Nothing to register.
  • Subscription not required.
  • Download for free.
  • You can choose from different slot games and card games upon installing the app.
  • There are several categories of games.
  • Ads from third parties not permitted.
  • This game has a mobile-friendly interface.

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