Download Firewall App Blocker free APk

Download Firewall App Blocker free APk

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Firewall App Blocker 1:

Op. SystemWindows

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AuthorBandana Software S.L.
DateAug 30th, 2022
Content RatingAll ages

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What Is It?


Hello everyone.

We’ll show you Firewall App Blocker One Seven in this video. Describe a firewall. An app blocker. This program serves as an alternative to Windows Firewall.

A new user interface and more choices are available for simple control and security of your PC. Enabling the firewall protection from the standard Windows protection is a fairly straightforward operation. It is lengthy and requires frequent access, but doing so will ensure that you can add the blocked websites to your The files on the computer are kept secure.

However, the drag-and-drop feature of the Firewall App Blocker enables you to easily maintain your computer’s security by adding the blocked websites to the list. If you wish to restrict access to something, you can even browse the hard drive or have more extensive protection for your machine. Enabling access to the links or files that are prohibited is similarly straightforward. You must choose and click the mouse’s left button to get the option of immediately enabling. Even you can have an allowlist made. You’ll have access to this list’s websites after enabling this mode. All other websites will be automatically blocked.

. So, you can use this application, visit the website mentioned in the description, and learn more about the Firewall app blocker if you want to limit access for your kids or want to save time by modifying your unnecessary browsing.

Screen shots :-

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How to Download


Click the Download button provided below this review to start the application download. Check out some of the other products we’ve reviewed, such as DNS Angel and DNS Jumper.

Program Review

For those who don’t want to stress themselves out by repeatedly blocking and unblocking the firewall, this straightforward program is stress relief. Windows Vista through Windows 10 is currently compatible with this utility software.

You can change the language going to the settings. This software offers a collection of nearly 30 widely used languages worldwide. For improved efficiency, you can translate and add your language to each window of the options if it isn’t already there.


Although this application has no sophisticated mechanisms or unique tools, it nonetheless has a straightforward user interface with respectable settings.


Key Features


WhiteList Mode

You can allow each application part of the program using the allowlist mode. The Whitelist feature will block any access to the network interface. Drag and drop the things you want to allow after turning on this function, and it will be finished. Tick the bottom right option that asks to enable the safelist.

Control Orders

This utility consists of a single window that displays all the essential tools. To the list, add the programs. Options like Add, Delete, Export, Import, Refresh, or Home are available.


You have more options now that you have added the apps. To access the list of options, right-click on a specific program. You can choose from choices like block and unblock. All of these apps can be blocked or liberated simultaneously.


Management Resources

In addition, you can perform further operations like renaming or removing the app from the list. To see if the application is functioning, you can also run it. You can also read the file properties, access the program’s file location, and update it after adding it to a safelist or denylist.

The Bottom Line

If you don’t want to deal with your Windows Firewall, Firewall App Blocker (Fab) is a need. It offers a straightforward user interface and easy-to-use tools that anyone may employ.


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