New York Times account may now be linked to Wordle statistics.

Dev behind 5-year-old Wordle today app donates sudden windfall to charity as users mistakenly flock to his game

“I figured we could turn this strange, once-in-a-lifetime scenario and make it something amazing!”.

Today, the developer of Wordle today , a five-year-old programme, gave his unexpected monetary windfall to charity . After a slew of perplexed people began coming to his ageing puzzler . it was mistaken for the wildly popular browser-based word game of the same name.

Wordle today, the new one, has swept the world recently, with players coming daily to play the word-based brainteaser.

Despite its popularity, inventor Josh Wardle has committed to maintaining his game browser-based and ad-free . As a result, many nasty people have cloned the game to make a fast buck on mobile app shops.

However, one Wordle today today app is legitimate, predating Wardle’s game by five years – and its inventor, Steven Cravotta, was both astonished and pleased . I was amused to find the software (thanks to Games Radar).

Following mainstream media coverage of the newer puzzler, he’d long been abandoned and left to languish in a mustier corner of the iOS App Store.

Cravotta said on Twitter that his app .

which he created when he was 18, didn’t take off as he had intended .

As a result, “after a few months and Over 100k total downloads, I ceased updating and advertising it, allowing its download statistics to fall to single digits over time.” Cravotta, on the other hand, logged into his dashboard one week ago “and was SHOCKED by what I saw.”
It turns out that most of the media coverage omitted to mention that the new Wordle today was a browser-based game .

interested people began going to the App Store in quest of it, only to come across Cravotta’s word-based puzzler. “In the last seven days, my Wordle today software has had 200,000 downloads,” he claimed, “and it’s not slowing down.”

With old Wordle today now producing income for Cravotta again as perplexed customers began paying for in-app purchases .

the developer decided to call out to new Wordle today Wardle, offering to donate the earnings his aged game was now making as a result of the browser-based smash to charity. “I believed we could build something fantastic out of this odd, once-in-a-lifetime event!” he stated.

Cravotta states in an update to his thread that he .

Wardle have decided to donate to West Oakland’s juvenile reading programme Boost. He commented, “Very thrilled to support such an outstanding initiative.” “We believe the money will have a significant impact here!”

Wardle confirmed the news on Twitter, writing, “Steven Cravotta reached out to me.”

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